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Currently, every college student knows that ability is important. They would like to attend various training programs and apply for different certificates so that they are more competent. Do you think that attending training programs and getting more certificates can improve competence? Write an essay of about 400 words entitled: Do More Certificates Stand for Better Ability?

Which of the following is NOT among the reasons that India is creating a secondary sanctuary for the Asiatic lions?A.Too many of them in the present sanctuary.B.Possible outbreak of disease.C.Clashing with people.D.Food shortage.

Why are the lions in the Git Forest especially vulnerable to disease?A.They are physically weaker than the African lions.B.They are small in size.C.They do not have enough to eat.D.They have descended from a dozen or so ancestors.

Most people think of lions as strictly African beasts, but only because they've been killed off almost everywhere else. Ten thousand years ago lions spanned vast sections of the globe, and so did people, who —as they multiplied and organized —pat pressure on competitors at the top of the food chain. Now lions hold only a small fraction of their former habitat, and Asiatic lions, a subspecies that split from African lions perhaps 100,000 years ago, hang on to an almost impossibly small slice of their former domain.India is the proud steward of these 300 or so lions, which live primarily in a 560-square-mile (1,450-square-kilometer) sanctuary. It took me a year and a half to get a permit to explore the entire Gir Forest —and no time at all to see why these lions became symbols of royalty and greatness. A tiger will slink through the forest unseen, but a lion stands its ground, curious and unafraid —lionhearted. Though they told me in subtle ways when I got too close, Gir's lions allowed me unique glimpses into their lives during my three months in the forest. It's odd to think that they are threatened by extinction; Gir has as many lions as it can hold —too many, in fact. With territory in short supply, lions prowl the periphery of the forest and even leave it altogether, often clashing with people. That's one reason India is creating a second sanctuary. There are other pressing reasons: outbreaks of disease or natural disasters. In 1994 canine distemper killed more than a third of Africa's Serengeti lions —thousand animals —a fate that could easily befall Gir's cats. These lions, saved by a prince at the turn of the 20th century, are especially vulnerable to disease because they descend from as few as a dozen individuals. "If you do a DNA fingerprint, Asiatic lions actually look like identical twins," says Stephen O'Brien, a geneticist who has studied them. Yet the perils are hidden, and you wouldn't suspect them by watching these lords of the forest. The lions exude vitality, and no small measure of charm.Though the gentle intimacy of play vanishes when it's time to eat, meals in Git are not necessarily frenzied affairs. For a mother and cub sharing a deer, or a young male relishing an antelope, there's no need to fight for a cut of the kill. Prey animals are generally smaller in Gir than they are in Africa, and hunting groups tend to be smaller as well. The lions themselves aren't as big as African lions, and they have shorter manes and a long fold of skin on their undersides that many lions in Africa don't have.What impressed the author most when he went to watch the lions in the Gir Forest?A.The lions were on the brink of extinction.B.They were suffering from a fatal disease.C.They allowed him to see their vitality and charm at close quarters.D.Mother lion and her cub shared a deer.

What is TRUE about the Irish Republic's economy?A.It was the most successful among the EU countries.B.It has increased 8% in the last five years.C.The unemployment rate has reached its lowest level for 5 years.D.The commodity prices have decreased greatly in the country.

听力原文: Now European finance ministers are expected to reprimand the Irish government today after they meet in Brussels. They've been alarmed by December's budget in the Irish Republic which cut taxes and increased government spending. The other European countries fear this will stoke up inflation and undermine the stability of the Euro, the single currency.Finance ministers from the European Unions 15 states are holding their regular monthly meeting in Brussels. They've been given the tricky task of handing out some public criticism to the government of the country with the most successful economy, the Irish Republic. In the last five years Ireland has boomed growing by an average eight percent a year, unemployment has reached its lowest level for 20 years and commodity prices in Dublin became more expensive than in London.Why do other European countries criticize Ireland?A.They worry that the Irish Republic's budget plan will undermine the stability of European Unions.B.EU countries fear that Irish Republic's finance plan will cause inflation.C.Other countries will have to cut taxes.D.Other EU countries must increase government spending, too.

As can be gathered from the passage, before 1910 the normal running time of a film was probably ______.A.15 minutes or lessB.between 15 and 30 minutesC.between 30 and 45 minutesD.1 hour or more

Griffith's film innovations had a direct effect on all of the following EXCEPT ______.A.film editingB.camera workC.range of subjectsD.sound editing

What does the cancellation of the 16-day flight mean?A.The scientists on the ground are pursuing only their most important experiments.B.The shuttle team will be disappointed at the curtailment of the science mission.C.The science will complete the experiments on a later shuttle flight.D.The remaining generators are sufficient.

Practically speaking, the artistic maturing of the cinema was the single-handed achievement of David W. Griffith (1875-1948). Before Griffith, photography in dramatic films consisted of little more than placing the actors before a stationary camera and showing them in full length as they would have appeared on stage. From the beginning of his career as a director, however, Griffith, because of his love of Victorian painting, employed composition. He conceived of the camera image as having a foreground and rear ground, as well as the middle distance preferred by most directors. By 1910 he was using close-ups to reveal significant details of the scene or of the actors. The exploitation of the camera's possibilities produced novel dramatic effects. By splitting an event into fragments and recording each from the most suitable camera position, he could significantly vary the emphasis from camera shot to camera shot.Griffith also achieved dramatic effects by means of creative editing. By juxtaposing images and varying the speed and rhythm of their presentation, he could control the dramatic intensity of the events as the story progressed. Despite the reluctance of his producers, who feared that the public would not be able to follow a plot that was made up of such juxtaposed images, Griffith persisted, and experimented as well with other elements of cinematic syntax that have become standard ever since. Those included the flashback, permitting broad psychological and emotional exploration as well as narrative that was not chronological, and the crosscut between two parallel actions to heighten suspense and excitement. In thus exploiting fully the possibilities of editing, Griffith transposed devices of the Victorian novel to film and gave film mastery of time as well as space.Besides developing the cinema's language, Griffith immensely broadened its range and treatment of subjects. His early output was remarkably eclectic, it included not only the standard comedies, melodramas, westerns, and thrillers, but also such novelties as adaptations from Browning and Tennyson, and treatments of social issues. As his successes mounted, his ambitions grew, and with them the whole of American cinema. When he remade Enoch Arden in 1911, he insisted that a subject of such importance could not be treated in the then conventional length of one reel. Griffith's introduction of the American-made multireel picture began an elaborate historical and philosophical spectacle. It reached the unprecedented length of four reels, or one hour's running time. From our contemporary viewpoint, the pretensions of this film may seem a trifle ludicrous, but at the time it provoked endless debate and discussion and gave a new intellectual respectability to the cinema.The author of this passage seems to imply that Victorian novels ______.A.are like filmsB.may not narrate events chronologicallyC.exploit cinema's languageD.feature juxtaposed images

How many generators does the shuttle carry?A.One.B.Two.C.Three.D.Four.

SECTION C NEWS BROADCASTDirections: In this section you will hear everything ONCE ONLY. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. At the end of each news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the questions.听力原文: The cancellation of the 16-day flight means that the crew and scientists on the ground are pursuing only their most important experiments in the few remaining hours left before the shuttle laboratory is closed. The US sapce agency NASA decided Sunday to bring the orbiter home 12 days early because of fears of weakened power generator could explode. The generator has been turned off, leaving the shuttle with only two thirds of its normal power supply. To conserve electricity for the experiments the crew is working in dimmer lighting than normal and has turned off all unessential equipment. NASA says the two remaining generators are sufficient for Tuesday's landing, but had nevertheless ordered the astronauts to study emergency procedures in case another fails. The shuttle team has expressed its disappointment at the curtailment of the science mission, and says enough data have already been collected in the materials, combustion and biological experiments to push science further ahead. The scientist' goal is to complete the experiments on a later shuttle flight. David Batlery, VOA news, Washington.Why did NASA decide to bring the shuttle home earlier?A.The laboratory was closed.B.The generator was turned off.C.The power generator might explode.D.Electricity was going to run out.

The author's intention is to get us to ______.A.rethink educational strategiesB.approve of current trendsC.think about what constitutes communicationD.reassure parents

How would you describe the author's attitude towards current learning strategies?A.Distanced.B.Admiring.C.Objective.D.Ironical.

Charles thinks that nowadays running a small shop becomes increasingly difficult ______.A.so his shop will surely go bankruptB.but his shop will surely make good moneyC.and the only way to save his shop is to change the governmentD.because it's hard to keep up with the rising cost