A program is characterized as:

A.a grouping or related tasks lasting one year or less.

B.a unique undertaking having a definite time period.

C.a grouping of similar projects having no definite end that supports the product(s) from cradle to grave.

D.a project with a cost over $ million.

E.None of the above.


200 A program is characterized as:

A. a grouping or related tasks lasting one year or less.

B. a unique undertaking having a definite time period.

C. a grouping of similar projects having no definite end that supports the product(s) from cradle to grave. D. a project with a cost over $1 million.

E. None of the above


Martin: Can you cover for me on Sunday? I'm supposed to teach the high school class. Lisa: Sure. ______ ? Martin: We're going to the beach for the weekend. Lisa: Well, don't worry. I'll take good care of Sunday school.

A.What's in

B.What's the thing

C.What's up

D.What's down

解析:对话中,Lisa同意帮Martin的忙,接下来Martin解释说要去海滩度周末。可见 Lisa在前面可能问他去做何事。C.What's up? 在口语中常用来表示“你怎么了?”“有什么事?”符合题意。

Mr. Huntington's study showed that ______.

A. the climate of the place where one lives may have an effect on his intelligence

B. all people turn out to be less intelligent in summer due to the hith temperature

C. people are less smart in summer due to the lack of factors existing in spring

D. people live in tropic are less intelligent than people live in cooler area

47.答案为C。根据第三段第一句,Spring appears to be the best period of the year for thinking作出该项选择。

As a result of President Bush's reform, retired people may have

[A] a higher sense of security.

[B] less secured payments.

[C] less chance to invest.

[D] a guaranteed future.


section I Use of EnglishDirections : Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)Even if families are less likely to sit down to eat togetherthan wasonce the case, millions of Britons will none the less have partaken this weekend of one of the nations great traditions: the Sunday roast. _1_ a cold winters day, few culinary pleasures can _2_it. Yet as we report now, the food police are determined that this _3_ should be rendered yet another guilty pleasure _4_ to damage our health.The Food Standards Authority (FSA) has _5_ a public warning about the risks of a compound called acrylamide that forms in some foods cooked _6_ high temperatures.This means that people should _7_ crisping their roast potatoes, spurn thin-crust pizzas and only _8_ toast their bread. But where is the evidence to support such alarmist advice?_9_ studies have shown that acrylamide can cause neurological damage in mice, there is no _10_ evidence that it causes cancer in humans.Scientists say the compound is _11_ to be carcinogenic but haveno hard scientific proof. _12_ the precautionary principle, it could be argued that it is _13_ to follow the FSA advice. _14_, it was rumored that smoking caused cancer for years before the evidence was found to prove a _15_.Doubtless a piece of boiled beef can always be _16_ up on Sundayalongside some steamed vegetables,without the Yorkshire pudding andno wine. But would life be worth living? _17_, the FSA says it is nottelling people to cut out roast foods _18_, but to reduce their lifetimeintake. However, their _19_ risks coming across as exhortation and nannying. Constant health scares just _20_ with no one listening.A In B Towards C On D TillA match B express C satisfy D influenceA patience B enjoyment C surprise D concernA intensified B privileged C compelled D guaranteedA issued B received C ignored D canceledA under B at C for D byA forget B regret C finish D avoidA partially B regularly C easily D initiallyA Unless B Since C If D WhileA secondary B external C inconclusive D negative11. A insufficientB boundC likely D slowA On the basis of B At the cost of C In addition to D In contrast toA interesting B advisable C urgent D fortunateA As usual B In particular C By definition D After allA resemblance B combination C connection D patternA To be fairA reluctantlyA made B served C saved D usedB For instance C To be brief D in generalB entirely C gradually D carefully19. A promiseB experienceC campaign D competition20. A follow upB pick up C open up D end upSection n Reading ComprehensionPart ADirections : Read the following four texts. Answ、er the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on the ANSWER SHEET. (40 points)Text 1A group of labour MPs, among them Yvette Cooper, are bringing in the new year with a call to institute a UK town of culture award. The proposal is that it should sit alongside the exist、ing city of culture title,which was held by Hull in 2017 and has been awarded to Coventry forZozl. Cooper and her colleagues argue that the success of the crown forHull, where it brought in220m of investment and an avalache of arts, out not to be confined to cities.Britain town, it is true are not p

As for food, experts suggest that______.

A. we should eat less

B. we should never eat meat

C. we should have meals with less salt and sugar

D. we should have meals without salt or sugar

47.答案为C  此题为细节题。本文的最后是专家在饮食方面给人们提出的建议。从句子As for meals people are advised to eat less salt and sugar。可以得出答案是C

Although the number of____ is not great, it has none the less increased significantly over the past few days.






______ only by one’s appearance, I’m sure, will have you get just half of him or less

A. Judged

B. Judging

C. To be judged

D. Judge


There's no doubt that modern people have less and less personal space thanks ______ beepers,cell phones and e-mail.






Why do women seem less likely to fall in love with the objects themselves?

A) Because they have no visual spatial skills.

B) Because they are only good at language and verbal reasoning.

C) Because they are less likely to see their charming or interesting aspects.

D) Because they rarely use machines such as cars, titles, computers, etc.

[试题分析] 事实判断题。
[详细解答] 文章最后一句话指出A woman is more likely to see her car,rifle.or computer as a useful tool,而后面的转折句but not in itself fascinating显然是对其说明,可以推断本题答案为C。


考题 4. A fat man should eat ________food and take ________ exercise.A. less,lessB. fewer,moreC. less,moreD. more, fewer 正确答案:C

考题 Board of trustees is composed chiefly of laymen because()A、they are more likely to represent public interestsB、they have more commonsense and less professional biasC、their interests are affected by board decisionsD、None of the above正确答案:A

考题 Centrifugal pumps have what advantage(s)over reciprocating pumps ________.A.They are less expensiveB.They are smaller for equivalent pumping abilityC.They pump more cargo in less timeD.All of the above 正确答案:D

考题 单选题The buttocks are ______ most other parts in the body.Alikely less to cause fatal damage thanBlikely less causing fatal damage toCless likely to cause fatal damage thanDless likely to cause fatal damage to正确答案: B解析: 比较级less应放在被修饰词likely之前。

考题 单选题Centrifugal pumps have what advantage(s) over reciprocating pumps?().AThey are less expensiveBThey are smaller for equivalent pumping abilityCThey pump more cargo in less timeDAll of the above正确答案: D解析: 暂无解析

考题 Social change is less likely to occur in a society where people are quite similar in manyways because__________.A.people there have got so accustomed to their conditions that they seldom think it necessary to changeB.people there have identical needs that can be satisfied without much difficultyC.people there are easy to pleaseD.people there are less disputed答案:A解析:由第一段最后一句“although conditions may not be satisfactory,they are at least custom-ary and undisputed”可知答案为A,此选项是对原文的同义转述。

考题 Families have also( )changes these years.More families consist of one‐parent households or two working parents;consequently,children are likely to have less supervision at home than was common in the traditional family structure.A.survivedB.noticedC.undertakenD.experienced答案:D解析:上下文意为families自身也变化了。A.survived changes“经历了变化后生存了下来”。B.noticed changes“注意到了变化”。C.undertaken“保证;着手;进行”,是理性地决策后做事的意思,而change往往是自身动作,因此undertaken就不太好与change连用了。利用排除法可选[D]。

考题 The item ______ is not the advantage of the hydraulic winch.A.less jerky startsB.less jerky stopsC.overheating worriesD.none of the overheating worries 正确答案:C

考题 单选题A vessel with a large GM will().Ahave more resistance to listing in case of damageBhave less tendency to have synchronous rollingCbe less likely to have cargo shiftDride more comfortably正确答案: B解析: 暂无解析

考题 Name one major advantage of transporting gas under refrigeration.A.It increases its volumeB.It reduces its volumeC.It has less product per volumeD.None of the above 正确答案:B