成考 题目列表
Don′t sit there__________nothing.Come and help me.A.doB.to doC.doingD.and doing

"...She was married to an officer in India,long ago India;and she had a life of physical adventure(冒险)as exciting as her poetry.Her husband could cross rivers using crocodiles(鳄鱼)as stepping stones.He died when she was only 39.Unwilling to exist without him,she took her life,leaving a son in England."I stared at the paper,21?reading,couldn′t help thinking.Crocodiles are lazy animals as a rule,but they can move like lightening when they want to.And they don′t mind hurrying?22?they′re hungry.There used to be lots in Indian rivers,living on fish mostly;but what′s a little fish for a fifteen-foot crocodile?They ate people,fisherman or anyone else delicious enough to get too near;women doing the?23,or children playing at the water′s24.A hungry crocodile′s mouth?25?over a meal with a sound like a gunshot.A big fellow can?26?in a man in two bites(咬)。That woman′s husband crossed rivers?27?from one crocodile′s back to the next.I believe it.It had to be done quickly before the creature could see what was happening.It wasn′t28?a brave,active man;and no doubt he improved with practice.He could never look?29while crossing.The wife used to watch him--I felt sure of that.She lived?30?the adventure,the?31?excitement of it all.Their real life was with tigers,snakes...It′s no wonder she wrote?32poetry.Then he died.I imagined how she felt.Was there another man?33?him in India,in the world?She was still young,hardly a sitting-room widow(寡妇)."I must?34,too."she said to herself.So she did what she felt she had to do.A?35?probably,to her head.But her young son,their son?Was her love for him nothing compared to her husband?Well,what do you think?第24题答案是A.borderB.endC.sideD.edge

It is widely accepted that English is the global language of modern times.About three decades ago,French was recognized as the language of diplomacy(外交),and German was considered the language of science and technology.English now dominates(主导)not only as the language of science but also diplomacy,computing,and tourism.Today,in terms of native speakers,Mandarin Chinese is the world′slargest language.Yet there are people who believe that China will become the most powerful country in the world.Some have?even fixed the date as early as the year 2020.At present,while English is more widely spoken than any other?language,there are more people who speak Chinese than English due to the large population in China alone.If China?does become a world power,there is no doubt that this language will spread worldwide.As the controversy over which language will become dominant in the world continues,there are many who feel?that the dominance of English is unique and irreversible(不可逆的).However,a separate study from David Graddol′s suggests that English′s dominance in the scientific area will continue.There is also an argument that the?English language would be changed greatly by 2020 for various reasons.With the possibility of China rising as a?world power,Mandarin could definitely challenge the dominance of English as a global language.What does controversy in the last paragraph probably mean?A.Plan.B.Argument.C.Conditoin.D.Goal.



The road will be blocked if there_______another snow.A.isB.will beC.to beD.will have

_______a microscope we can see different kinds of things that are unable to be seen by our naked eyes.A.In terms ofB.In place ofC.By means ofD.By far

Montreal is larger than_______in Canada.A.any cityB.any citiesC.any other citiesD.any other city

"It′s no use,Mum,"said Johnny."I′m just no good at dancing.""You′ve got to keep trying.Tonight will be?21,dear.Try a turn with that pretty Lisette."Johnny?22.Every Saturday night used to be the best of the week.He and his parents went to the?23?at the Club,where his hero,Alcide,played the accordion(手风琴)with the band.But lately everything had changed.Now that Johnny was older,he was?24?to dance with a girl!25?Johnny and his parents arrived at the Club,music had already started.Johnny got up his?26?to approach Lisette."May I have this dance?"Johnny asked."That′s all right,"said Lisette.Johnny struggled to keep up with Lisette′s?27?steps,but he was always one beat behind her.Then Johnny heard his friend Pierre say,"Look!Johnny has two left feet!"Laughter burst from the crowd.Johnny?28?and ran outside,determined never to go to another dance.The next Saturday,Alcide drove to Johnny′s house for some potatoes.He happened to hear Johnny playing the accordion.Alcide′s eyes?29."Bring that accordion and play some songs tonight,"Alcide said.Then he drove off,leaving Johnny staring open-mouthed?30him.At the Club,Johnny scanned the crowd for Lisette and?31?her.The band played for a long time before Alcide said,"Dear friends,I got a?32?for you tonight.Young Johnny is going to join us!"Trembling,Johnny stepped up on the platform,his eyes on the floor.He began to play,and the band joined in behind him.When the song ended,he heard cheers.Johnny kept playing until the dance was?33"You did a fine job tonight.Play with us again next Saturday night,"Alcide said."Yes,sir!"said Johnny.34?he went outside,Johnny saw Lisette and her friends near the door.Lisette stepped forward,smiling,"You played really good tonight!"she said."Thank you,"Johnny blushed(脸红).As he walked on,Pierre?35?moved out of the way for him to pass.Johnny patted his accordion.Come to think of it,in his whole life,he had never once seen Aleide out on the dance floor.第23题答案是A.platformB.appointmentC.meetingD.dance

—Would you take this along to my home for me?—__________A.With pleasureB.That's rightC.Never mindD.Don't mention it

提示:Tom和Lester两人正在聊天,彼此问对方上一个周末是怎样度过的。Tom说他上星期六晚上同Si咖一道吃了饭,而Lester说他星期l3去电影院看了一场电影。Tom:51Lester:Not bad.What about you?Tom:Not bad,either.What did you do last weekend?Lester:Well,52Tom:Oh,53Lester:The Lion King.Tom:Oh,really?54Lester:Yes,it was goo

George and Margaret and their children?21?at 140 Davis Street,22?the street from a small park.Their house is just off the main road.George usually goes to work by bus,but sometimes he goes?23?his car.The children usually go to school by bus.The Glenns′house is?24?hidden among the trees.It has small bushes(灌木)planted around it.There is a fence?25 it and the house next door.It is a two-storey house,26 the living room,dining room andkitchen(厨房)on the first floor,and the bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor.The Glenns spend a lot of time at home.27 now they are at dinner.Conversation(谈话)at the Glenns′house is usually lively at meal time.The children are discussing trips they would like to take.Susan,who has never?28?on a plane,says,"I′d like to?29 a plane to California."Henry,who is elder,thinks it would be fun to be on a?30,heading for adventure(冒险)in Africa.Teddy,the youngest child,says,"I want to go around the world on a train."His elder brother and sister are still trying to?31 to him why this is not possible?32?their mother says,"Children,you′ve spent too much time at the table.Henry and Susan,go and?33 your homework.Teddy,it′s time you were in bed."Soon there is silence throughout the?34.Teddy is in bed,Susan and Henry are in their rooms studying,and Mr.and Mrs.Glenns are in their living room,35George is sitting in his favorite(最喜欢的)chair,reading the paper and Margaret is sitting on the sofa,doing some sewing.第29题答案是查看材料A.rideB.flyC.takeD.travel

According to the passage,coins once had real value as currency because they______.A.represented a great improvement over barterB.permitted easy transportation of wealthC.were made of precious metalsD.could become collector’s items

通读下面的短文,掌握其大意。从每小题的四个选项中选出可填入相应空白处的最佳选择,并把它前面的大写字母填入左边括号里。Mr.Jones woke early one morning,before the sun had risen.It was a beautiful morning,_21_he went to the window and looked out.He was_22_to see a neatly-dressed and mid-aged professor,who_23_in the university just up the road from Mr.Jones‘house,coming the direction of the town.He had grey hair thick glasses,and was_24 an umbrella,a morning newspaper and a bag.Mr.Jones thought that he must have_25_by the night train_26_taking a taxi.Mr.Jones had a big tree in his garden,and the children had tied a long_27_to one of the branches,so that they could swing on it.Mr.Jones saw the professor_28_when he saw the rope and looked carefully up and down the roaD.When he saw that there was_29_in sight,he stepped into the garden(there was no fence),put his umbrella,newspaper,bag and hat nearly on the grass and_30_the rope.He pulled it_31_to see whether it was strong enough to take his weight,then ran as fast as he could and swung into the_32_on the end of the rope,his grey hair blowing all around_33_._34_he swung,sometimes taking a few more_35_steps on the grass when the rope began to swing too slowly for him.At last the professor stopped,straightened his tie,combed his hair carefully,put on his hat,picked up his umbrella,newspaper and bag,and continued on his way to the university,looking as quiet and correct and respectable as one would expect a professor to be.()A.handsB.his shouldersC.his faceD.his neck

I have been hearing-impaired in my life since I was five years old.Putting on hearing aids in the?morning has been just as(21)as brushing my teeth.However I never believed that it should limit?my(22)in any way.During my 17 years I have met many people who don′t know about(23)disabilities and deal?with(24)by stereotyping(对某人有固定的看法)inc.My teacher would not let me sit past the?second row because they(25)I would not be able to hear.People tend to speak(26)than nor-mal when they see my thick plastic hearing aids in my ears.However,my hearing disability has made?me a stronger person.Because I wear hearing aids I have to prove that I am not(27)or mentally?limited.I have to work harder and earn top grades in school to earn the(28)of my teachers.In?shorts,I′ve had to run faster,catch better and score more points to prove I am not physically(29).I don′t fit in with people who are deaf and(30)as a way to communicate.I consider myself no?difference from anyone else.And I am not"half deaf"with my hearing aids(31);I can hear just?as well as anyone else.In my struggle to prove I am(32)to my non-disabled peers(同龄人)I have made myself?better than the average teenager.I won the all-star(33)on my softball team.I have made myself a(34)through my published poetry and articles.Instead of giving up,I have proven that I can do anything I want.I truly believe I would not be?the(35)person I am today if I did not have a hearing disability.第(28)题选A.guideB.pityC.respectD.praise