【 英国文学经典鉴赏】章节测试精选试题

–Professor, this is Jack Black, my friend.–().

A、Jack, how are you?

B、Yes, I know.

C、You’re welcome.

D、My pleasure.


Jack: Say, Jane, let's go and get a bite to eat.

Jane: _________?

Jack: How about McDonald's?

Jane: Great.

A. Where to

B. What for

C. How to

D. Why so

根据语境,第三句的提议(How about McDonald’s?)可知上句的提问应该是关于地点的。选项A(去哪吃?)是最切合的回答。

According to the text, the speech at the end of the tex t.__________

[A]demonstrates the author’s own view of life

[B]shows the popular view of Jack Lindsay

[C]offers the author’s opinion of Jack Lindsay

[D]indicates Jack Lindsay’s change of attitude





Jack: Hi, frank.



Frank:Yes,I have some books to read, but I can do it later.

Jack: I want you to do me a favor.

Frank: Go ahead, __62____

Jack: Professor Smith is coming this afternoon. I am expected to meet him at the airport, but I have an important meeting to go to.

Frank: I can do it for you. __63____

Jack: He’s about your age, in his early thirties. Tall and handsome.

Frank :___64___

Jack: Oh, about three o’clock. He is taking flight number 231 from Detroit. Thank you.

Frank:_ 65_____

A. See you this afternoon.

B. How can I recognize him?

C. What do you want me to do?

D. Are you free this afternoon?

E. When should I leave for the airport?

F. I am honored to meet the famous professor.

G. Are you going to the meeting this afternoon?


61.D 62.E 63.F 64.C 65.B


—Someone took my book.—Well, I didn't and ( ).

A.nor did Jack

B.nor Jack did

C.Jack did nor

D.Jack nor did


Jane Eyre?选项:A:LowoodB:FerndeanC:ThornfieldD:Gateshead答案: 【Lowood;Ferndean;Thornfield;Gateshead】10、选择题:Which of the following characters are included in The Importance of Being Earnest?选项:A:GwendolynB:Jack WorthingC:AlgernonD:Cecily答案: 【Gwendolyn;Jack Worthing;Algernon;Cecily】第六章 章节测试 1、选择题:Realism and modernism coexisted inthe 20th-century British literature.选项:A:错B:对答案: 【对】2、选择题:The theoretical base of modernism is rationalism.选项:A:错B:对答案: 【错】3、选择题:Sons and Lovers, an autobiographical novelby D. H. Lawrence, deals with a story of a fathers dominant and debilitating love over the sons.选项:A:错B:对答案: 【错】4、选择题:The Waste Land, T. S. Eliots masterpiece, uses the past as a yardstick to measure the present and underscore what is missing from the present.选项:A:错B:对答案: 【对】5、选择题:W. B. Yeats played a major role in the Irish literay revival.选项:A:对B:错答案: 【对】6、选择题:Who wrote The Time Machine?选项:A:John GalsworthyB:Rudyard KiplingC:Arnold BennettD:H. G. Wells答案: 【H. G. Wells】7、选择题:Who won the Nobel Pize in 1923?选项:A:James JoyceB:Virginia WoolfC:W. B. YeatsD:T. S. Eliot答案: 【W. B. Yeats】8、选择题:Which of the following work suggests Eliot had turned conservative?选项:A:The Confidential ClerkB:Ash WednesdayC:Murder in the CathedralD:The Cocktail Party答案: 【Ash Wednesday】9、选择题:Who were Edwardians as termed by Woolf?选项:A:E. M. ForsterB:John GalsworthyC:H. G. WellsD:Arnold Bennett答案: 【John Galsworthy;H. G. Wells;Arnold Bennett】10、选择题:Which of the following poems are written by Yeats?选项:A:The Waste LandB:The Second ComingC:Sailing to ByzantiumD:Gerontion答案: 【The Second Coming;Sailing to Byzantium】

Jack won't like the film, you know.

()I don't care what Jack thinks!

A. So why?

B. So what?

C. So how?


Jack often complains____able to communicate with his parents.

A: of being not

B: of not being

C: being not

D: not being

参考答案: B

He told me _____ would come to his birthday party.

Amany Jack friends

Bmany Jack’s friend

CJack’s many friends

Dmany friends of Jack’s


Tom: Hey, Jack, what's up?

Jack: ____________


B、Oh,not much.

C、What is happening in your life?

D、You are lucky.


25. Where is the nurse-s house?

A. Behind Mike's.

B. Beside Jack's.

C. Beside Mike's.

D. Under Jack's.



考题 为了提高口语水平,王轶请了一名在中国留学的外籍教师JACK。半年后,王轶通过银行向JACK支付3000美元。对这笔交易,以下说法正确的是()。A、王轶应该通过银行办理国际收支申报B、王轶必须提供与JACK签订的协议才可支付C、JACK应该通过银行办理国际收支申报D、JACK在我国境内获得服务收入,王轶支付这笔款项时应提供税务备案表正确答案:A

考题 In Jack's hometown,___________.A.people dislike being called "old"B.people are proud of being oldC.many people reach the age of seventy or eightyD.the elderly are the first to get food in restaurants答案:B解析:根据第三段中的“In my village in China,people are proud ofbeing old”可知,答案选B。

考题 A user connecting a laptop to a wall jack is prompted for user credentials before being grantedaccess to the network. Which of the following is MOST likely implemented on the switch?()A、MAC filteringB、PoEC、IP filteringD、802.1X正确答案:D

考题 Jack was dismissed.A:fired B:fined C:exhausted D:criticized答案:A解析:

考题 单选题如果要把一个用户名jack保存在session对象里,则下列语句正确的是()。A session.setAttribute( name, jack );B session.setAttribute(“ name” , “jack”);C session.setAttribute( “jack”, “ name” );D session.setAttribute(“jack”, name );正确答案: D解析: 暂无解析

考题 单选题Joan is () sister.AMary and JackBMary’s and Jack’sCMary’s and JackDMary and Jack’s正确答案: C解析: 暂无解析

考题 单选题_____ALook for Jack.BBuy some medicine.CCall for a doctor.DSend Jack to school.正确答案: B解析: 推断题。had better do sth.表示建议,意为“最好做某事”。对话中女士让男士去找医生给杰克看病,男士回答马上就去。由此可知,男士将会去找医生。所以正确答案为C。【录音原文】W: Jack is ill. You’d better call the doctor.M: Sure, I’ll do it right away.Q: What will the man probably do?

考题 Which of the following is TRUE?A.The more Jack explained, the angrier the couple gotB.Jack wanted to show his feelings through words after his experienceC.The manager went back to the table and apologized to the coupleD.From this experience, Jack learned more about American culture答案:D解析:根据第二段最后一句“After the couple heard my reason,they understood that the problemwas caused by cultural differences,so they laughed and were no longer angry”可知A选项不对;根据文章最后一句“but now I don’t show my feelings through words”可知B选项不对;根据第二段中的“I tIlen waked back to thetable and apologized to the wife”可知C选项也不对,故正确答案为D。

考题 对Jack在联想公司的经历阐述正确的是:()A、联想招聘Jack的原因完全是Jack的市场营销能力很强。B、Jack的团队每天投入15小时,并在第三年业绩猛增的现象符合一万小时天才原理的发展模式。C、Jack被调到北京总部,超越了最高的梦想——成都公司副经理,之后就不需要努力了。D、在联想获奖和职位的提升,让Jack对联想有了绝对的忠诚度。正确答案:B

考题 单选题A user connecting a laptop to a wall jack is prompted for user credentials before being grantedaccess to the network. Which of the following is MOST likely implemented on the switch?()AMAC filteringBPoECIP filteringD802.1X正确答案: A解析: 暂无解析