28. --- When will the party be held?

--- ______ two weeks’ time, _____ 15th July.

A. In; on B. In; in C. On; on D. At; on


We are invited to a party _________in our club next Friday.

A. to be held B. held C. being held D. holding


-------He says that my new car is a ____________ of money.

-------Don’t you think those words are just sour grapes?

A. lack B. load C. question D. waste


He ()my anger and held back what he had sai.






I apologize for my ________ of anger just now.

A outcome

B output

C outburst

D outdrop


下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为接近的选项。1. Take some spare clothes in case you get wet.A. fine B. wer C. outdoor D. extra2. Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.A. excitement B. anger C.calm D. disappoment3. The AIDS convention will be held in Glasgow.A. conference B. party C. publish D. summarize4. The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.A. return B. realize C. increase D. double5. Some comments are just inviting trouble.A. asking for B. keng out of C. gettingo D. suffering from6. His knowledge of French is fair.A. very useful B. very limited C. quite good D. rather spel7. The book raised a storm of controversy.A. damage B. voice C. doubt D. argument8. My principal concern is to get the job done fast.A. serious B.main C. deep D. particular9. Lack of space forbids further treatment of the topic here.A. receives B. deserves C. accepts D. prevents10. He made a number of rude remark sabout the food.A. comments B. signs C. manners D. noises11. They are trying to identify what is wrong with the present systemA. prove B. discover C. consider D. imagine12. His heart gave a sudden leap when he saw her.A. hope B. jump C. silence D. life13. The worst agonies of the war were now beginning.A. parts B. aspects C. pains D. results14. Im sure Ill be able to amuse myself for a few hours.A. entertain B. treat C. hold D. keep15. Several windows had been smashed.A. cleaned B. broken C. replaced D. fixed参考:DDACDBDBDABBCAB

下面的短文后列出了 7 个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断:如果该句提供的是正确信息,请选择 A;如果该句提供的是错误信息,请选择 B;如果该句的信息文中没有提及,请选择 C.So Many “Earths”The Milky Way contains billions of Earth-sized planetst could support lifetsthe finding of a new study. It draws on datet came from NASAs top planet-tingescope.A mechanical failure recently putt Kepler spaceescope out of service. Keplerhlayed a big role in creating a census of planets orbiting some 170,000 stars. Its datahave been helastronomers predict how common planets are in our galaxy. Theescope focused onting planetstighve conditions similar to those onEarth.The authors of a study publishedhe Proceedings of the National Academy ofscien, concludet betn 14 and 30 out of every 100 stars, wimass andtemperature similar to the Sun, may host a planett could support life as we know it.Such a planet would have a diametereast as large as Earths, but no morentwicet big. The planet also would have to orbit in a stars habitable zone.ts wherethe surface temperature would allow any water to exist as a liquid.The new estimate of how many planets might fit these conditions comes fromstudying moren 42,000 stars and identifying suitable worlds o、rbiting them. Thescientists used those numbers to extrapolate to the rest of the starst theescopecould not see .The estimate is rough, the authors admit. If appd to the solar system, it woulddefine as habitable a zone starting as close to the Sun as Venus and running to as faraway as Mars. Neithlane、t is Earthlike (although either mighve beenhe distantpast). Using tighter limits, the researchers estimatet betn 4 and 8 out of every100 Sunlike stars could host an Earth-sized world. These are onest would take 200 to400 days to complete a yearly orbit.Four out of every 100 sunlike stars doesnt soun

The conference has been held to discuss the effects of tourism ( ) the wildlife in this are






A: Would you like to come to our party tonight?/ B: I'm afraid I'm not feeling, so well today./ The implicature produced here is _______.

A I'll be glad to go to your party.

B Probably I'll be a little late because I'm not feeling well.

C I do not want to go to your party.

D I'll go there even though I am not feeling well today.


You are developing a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that does not operate on a duplex channel.You find that operations do not start until all previous operations have finished. The service hosting code contains the following lines.var service = new WarehouseService(); var host = new ServiceHost(service);You need to ensure that new operations do not wait for previous operations to finish.Which attribute should you use to decorate the service?()

A. [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single, ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Multiple)]

B. [CallbackBehavior(ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Multiple)]

C. [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single, ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Single)]

D. [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single, ConcurrencyMode=ConcurrencyMode.Reentrant)]


A reception party will be held in your ________ this evening.






It is not decided the conference will be held.







考题 Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.A:excitement B:anger C:calmD:disappointment答案:D解析:本句意思:后来只有一种失望的感觉。let-down意思是“失望,沮丧”,与disappointment (失望)意思相近。excitement兴奋,激动;anger怒火,怒气;calm平静,宁静。

考题 The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.A:return B:realize C:increase D:double答案:C解析:本句意思:这项新服务使税前利润提升了10%。boost意思是“使增长,使兴旺”,与increase(增加,提升)意思相近。return回来,回转;realize实现,察觉;double(使)加倍,(使)双倍。

考题 Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.A:excitement B:angerC:calmD:disappointment答案:D解析:本句意思:之后便感到很失望。let-down失望,沮丧。excitement兴奋;anger愤怒;calm 冷静;disappointment失望。

考题 Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.A:excitement B:anger C:calm D:disappointment答案:D解析:本句意思:后来就有种失落感。let-down意思是“失望,失落”,与disappointment(失望,失落)意思相近。excitement兴奋,激动;anger怒火,怒气;calm宁静的状态。

考题 The AIDS convention will be held in Glasgow.A:party B:conference C:celebration D:union答案:B解析:本句意思:艾滋病研讨会将会在格拉斯哥举行。convention意思是“大会,集会”,与conference (会议,研讨会)意思相近。party聚会,聚餐;celebration庆典,庆祝活动;union联合,团结。

考题 You are cordially invited to a formal_____being held in honor of the company's new vice president.A. receipt B. receivingC. receiver D. reception答案:D解析:句子表示“收到参加欢迎会的邀请”,因此意为“欢迎会”D为正确答案。

考题 The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.A:return B:realizeC:increase D:double答案:C解析:本句意思:这项新服务把税前利润提升了10%。 boost使增长,使兴旺。return带来,产生(利润或损失);realize实现,察觉;increase(使)增加,增长,增多;double(使)加倍,是……的两倍。

考题 单选题The conference _____ in Beijing next week is bound to be a great success.AholdingBbeing heldCto holdDto be held正确答案: B解析: 本题考查动词不定式被动语态。句意:下周将在北京举行的会议定会取得巨大成功。时间状语是next week,故时态为将来时,而动词不定式可以表示将来,故先排除A、B项。“会议”是“被举行的”,因此要使用被动语态。故D为答案。

考题 ---- We’re organizing a party next Saturday, and I’d like you to come.---- _______! I have another one that day. Thank you just the same.A. Good luck B. What a pity C. Never do it again D. Well done 正确答案:B

考题 Afterwards there was just a feeling of let-down.A:excitement B:angerC:calm D:disappointment答案:D解析:本句意思:之后就一直有种失望的感觉。let-down意思是“令人失望的人或事”,与dis-appointment(失望)意思相近。excitement激动,兴奋;anger愤怒;calm平静,镇定。